So…. as many times i said before… im a hungarian girl growing up without any sea – without any seafood… i was pretty happy without any knowledge about it. Cause if u dont know something it doesnt hurt, right?


But one day i woke up in Brighton, England. Another day i found myself working in an Oyster Bar. And i needed to face with the ocean and its millions and billions of habitants… one day after another needed to kill dozens of lobsters and crabs, mussles and oysters each and every single day….. so i started to feel how it tastes… to create and… to eat. This was the point when i got addicted to all. All kind of fish and all types of seafood. I reach a point now – when i have a small problem… i just cant exist without it, so already decided not to move to a new place where seafood is not reachable (i am sooooo sorry Mummy… if u turn out to a conqueror and fight back the cost of Croatia… maybe we can talk about moving home :P)

Anyway… what i wanna say…. that now here in Palma in each every day can see unknown little sea-creatures in the market… and im so curious to try them all! :) stay with me and i will show what is the better background of all…. the usual white vine&caper&butter or something more crazy like jamon&blue cheese…


Tonight we tried mixed prawns&langotinos in a caramelized spicy kimchi sauce. I bought like 5 different types of crustacean… and i give u an advice… My big favourite is the langostine. It was and it always will be. Because this is the sweetest thing i ever tried from the salty sea… The brother big red gambas is nice as well… the others… basically all taste the same. The difference is mainly in its size and how easy to peel (of course we are obviously talkin about fresh not frozen stuff). For me the smallest is the worse- however the flavour is beautiful but the edible body is soooo small that i grew old to peel as much as my stomach needs. Sorry, i skip it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut conclusion is: def. no fish’dish’ without any prawns/gambas and or langostines…. (and they sit proudly next to a steak as well!) They like parmezan in a risotto… its just necessary to bring some kind of sweet fruitiness directly from the sea to your plate.

So just give them a chance – no regret!

Open up your mouth…!

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