Simply Fossssssssssssssssssssh

Succeed. I changed job.


footnote: i ve already started this post 3 times… and my f8ckin’ internet crushed down each time so i ve lost every single word coming out of my mind… but try to save now on time… :)


Cut the story short – i quit in the Pub to travel home and make my Sister’s Amazing Wedding Cupcake. Same time i came back – jumped in the job hunting and leaving CVs all around (ok, this is not true at all – i left my applications just in those places where i could actually image myself working, max in 5 restaurants to be honest… hehe )

And i had got a call in the second day. It was the same place where i wanted to start one year ago when we arrived here in Palma from Brighton. So trial.


After a whole day trial from 10 till 24 i ve already known that i am going to work here. Came back all the memories from the good old Due South (RIP) with all the preassure and quality food. Jellies – foams – powders were dancing all around. And i knew we are gonna sign the contract even if its about double hours and less money i earned before… but hey! This is nothing but passion. And i apologise.


So i jumped in the deep water staight away. Starters as always. But i found the desserts far more interesting – and luckily working next to the pastry section – so ask and/or steal very unique recepies. Will try to work myself inside of this section slowly slowly….

I am happy now. And proud. Very.

Simply Fosh



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