Mission completed.


After soooo many experiments i am finally finished. DONE.

And the wedding was amazing – kind of fusion: traditional hungarian gypsy wedding with modern elements, lots of food and homemade (father’s) PÁLINKA. Everybody loved it.

Here i need to say thank u to all my friends – who finally could come and help me to make this wedding cupcake, the list is not that big as i was expected… Thank u Csati, Kata and Évi. I could not succeed without u GUYS! :))))


Roughly i was working on it for 3 days: first i baked all the cupcakes (the paper did not work at first time so i had 36pieces which i couldnt use at all – family was pretty happy to try them) – and the last minute they let me know that we need more than we planned…. so i baked 110 little cupcakes (using lots of vanilla, lemon zest and special Pálinka). After i baked the rich sponge for the top-cake (two layers) and the 3 different stuffings: dark chocolate&olive oil ganache, vanilla&orange blossom cream and strawberry&marshmellow mousse. Urgently needed to jump in the middle of the sugar lace to have enought to decorate the cake and cover the little ones as well. Need to mention the time what i spent for the tiny flowers – using goma paste and sugar pearls in the middle.


One day before the big day i called my friends around as i mentioned above to help me put the whole thing together. Big fun. Was fuckin’ tired at the end of the day…. but worth it.

Cake mix:

300g flour

300g sugar

8 eggs

100g butter

vanilla pod


The whole cake was one of my biggest success. Everybody loved it! However – i wont make another cake for my sister (‘s next wedding) – just if its a “childbirth” celebration… :)


White chocolate ganache:

500g white chocolate

270ml double cream

Dark chocolate&olive oil ganache:

100ml double cream

150ml milk

80ml olive oil

250g dark chocolate

Strawberry & marshmellow mousse:

300g fresh strawberries

25g sugar

150g marshmellows

200ml double cream

torta-2_resizeOrangeblossom&vanilla creme patisserie:

500ml double cream

300ml milk

200ml orange-blossom water

200g sugar

60g cornflour

4 eggs

2 vanilla pods

torta-5_resizeWishing happiness forever after…. :) Love u guys! xxx

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