My little pet…

I was sooooooooooooooo lucky that i found actually “fresh flour” in the little ecological market!!!

Remember the first rule i learned from my “bread bible”: always try to use as freshly ground flour as possible! Ok ok… when i was reading this chapter all about flour i had big laugh a couple of times… u might smile now as well… fresh flour? From where the hell??? The best supermarkets can sell 100 different types of flour but probably all of the bags are sitting in a dark corner for years and years… so hard to see them as a fresh product…  for this reason was thinking that i should move next to a mill in the middle of nowhere to get my fresh bag of powdered wheat any time i want…. because easier to win on a lottery than purchase a “new bag” of this white stuff… at least in normal reachable shops.


BUT I FOUND IT! Close to Palma there is a “mill region” if i can say that, so its really the next door and they do soooo many different things, not just white strong but wholemeal, wheat, oat, corn, barley etc etc… and u know what? All the lovely little bags have got a label with the date they had been made and an advice to use them in the next 3 months!!! Now thats what i call COOL! (the price i paid is tripled then normal though…)

So after purchase a couple of bags to make a very real bread (and for Alfie’s pizza dough as well) was planning to make an authentic sourdough with a homemade starter… and i started to story with my little pet (again)…


U can find millions and millions of blogs and websites with advices and recipes about this – just click or click… with a tiny little attention and patient u can grow a little bacteria which can give unbelievable flavour and texture to your bread. Only things u need: good ingredients and time.

Mix water with flour and leave in a warm temperature. Every day mix your mix, take out a bit (if u dont want to go too much in size) and add a bit of new water and flour. Mix and leave for the next day. Do this again and again and again. At the end u will get a real sour mixture with a smell like a 2 weeks old dirrrrrrrrrty sock. U did well.


After one week u can try to use your yeast – but need more quantity of this (than normal yeast) and more time. Sometimes even 1 day to leave it work well and rise the bread properly.

footnote: u can freeze down your starter or even dry it out so u can keep alive for looong (some authentic bakery in america still using their very old, 200 years old starter)


And i run out of time! Was feeding and feeding and feeding my little bacteria till my last day arrived before traveling home to Hungary…. so i needed to act pretty quick – i know there is no way that the guys at home will feed the dog, the rabbits and my little starter as well each every day…. mission impossible. So early morning – stand mixer on – organic flours in the bowl and a big splash of my home-made yeast shower… mix mix mix… and done.


While i was waiting (pretty much a whole day at warm temperature) and waiting… created a perfect ‘last dinner’ plan. Easy and yummy…. as much gambas&prawns&langostinos as we can eat in a rich caper&brown butter sauce… perfect supplemental for my sourdough bread AND! I needed to face with the fact that in Hungary i cant eat yummy seafood at all! For 3 whole weeks! Which seems tough now considering that im not really having meat in my palette… well, its springtime so i must survive on amazing home-grown vegetables from our garden. I hope so.


Anyway – my plan has been made: i wanna be drowned by langostines and eat with hands as dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty as posssssible. What can i say? I am an elegant lady :D

Open up your mouth…!

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