Sue’s perfect wedding cake 3.

A couple of months ago i started to plan my sister’s amazing cupcake wedding cake… trying recipes (here) and frosting with colours (here) and flavours…


Almost the whole picture in my head changed… Sue sent me a couple of her ideas… and her imagination is playing around something pretty, elegant and simple – no fuss. At this point i needed to forget about the buttercream topping i experimented. Way too much. And the look of the muffins will be exactly the same no matter what love is hiding inside (probably gonna use just different sparkling to help to separate the chocolate – berry – and vanilla ones). And the ‘cake’ as well. I tried the way it will look – same decoration for the cupcakes for a total harmony.


The flavours are staying:

  1. dark chocolate&olive oil ganache
  2. berry&marshmellow mousse
  3. orangeblossom&vanilla creme pat


As i mentioned the wedding clothes will be kiwi green with white lace made by my mum (and as they let me know the flower will carry some really crazy pink- which i really wanna work in the cake but can not find anything in this colour…)… So i was working to mix a colour special green (hardest part, on the picture is the bottom colour) out of fondant and a fine cake lace on the top with tiny sugar flowers… and thats all basically. Whenever was trying with pearls, sparklings, powders…. way too much. Simple and elegant – just like my sister’s dress will be.

We will see pretty soon.

Open up your mouth…!

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