Can u imagine anything better than a big bowl of boiling chicken soup when u get sick??? Ooooooh.. noooooo…

And it just happened with me… like every springtime… usually can manage the winter (WINTER in Palma? hahahahaha!) without get any flu… but when the sun appears in the sky we like to think and feel warmer that it actually is… especially in my case, coming from the gym every day, sweating a lot… so a light breeze can easily catch and rape me… this happened now as well i guess.


Anyway… i feel just bad… and when u need your mummy between the napkins the best u can do is a ‘traditional strong chicken soup’ to give your power back… as it brings all the best of my childhood…

I did keep all the bones of Mr. Yellow Cock in my freezer which is just working perfectly in this case… with all the offals i like sooooo much!

Soooo…. the very real hungarian chicken soup starts with your clean bones in the pot (back, neck, head, feet) and cold water. Need a couple of hours because we need to cook out all the flavours in the slowest heat its possible. After u boil up the water – clean the shit of the top and put all the rest in the pot: offals (liver, eggs, gizzard, heart) more meat actually to eat and your fresh&beauty vegetables (u can use all type of root vegetables, till they young will make your soup sweet and rich). Never miss carrots, onion, celery, parsnip, turnip… maybe a tomato, leek or  a potato… clean them but leave all whole – theoretically we dont eat them (except me, i love all) just use their flavour so easier to take them out at the end. And the carrot is the best timer u can have – when its breaking apart for touch u can be sure your soup is done. But before dont forget the seasoning – easy: whole black pepper and a bunch of parsley (this is how we learned at school however we all know its better to put the parsley at the end). If u have a pinch of saffron or a piece of dried chilli – be brave to use, these all depending on your taste.

Cook slowly and no more effort necessary. If the bones leave a lot of shit u can strain your soup at the end and cook little pasta vermicelli in it – like home sweet home. Ohhhh, and needs lot of salt. But put just at the end.

Well, this is my childhood’s soup. Now i have my very own version with a kick of Asia. Simply add a bit of ginger, garlic, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and a small fresh chilli (depending on your tounge but i put just at the end). Last minute i use noodles and sweetcorn when u stir in a slightly whisked egg. Season with dark soy. Real comfort heaven. Thanks Mummy!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know – it looks like a real korean dish – no dogs in it i promise! Ohhh, and dont forget to eat the brain… just to say u tried :P

Open up your mouth…!

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