Well well well…

One of my latest post was about eating meat, killing and torturing animals… and how i feel about being vegeterian… I can announce proudly, since then has nothing changed! :)))

The only thing is – that i still havent found any organic market to buy my “happy meat”. Well, the truth is that i did find one place, but all the fun starts always on Saturdays – so i need to be patient and wake up f8ckin early to go there before job.

This means i have not been eating any meat since a week. To be honest, i dont miss at all. I was eating some selfish and lots of vegetables and i am really happy. Oh, and keeping my “no sweet diet” makes me looks and feels better than ever. Till tonight…

I knew before that i have a weak point about meat… which i can not help. And can not stop (to eat :)))…… blood …………..

Ok, i hope this break was enough. Now i explain a bit more.



Enough explanation? To be precise (because its really really really important in this case): Morcilla from Sierra Nevada-Granada-Andalúzia. Very weird comparison, but its exactly like icecream for me. I can never say no. Just impossible…. if u wanna know why? Here we are – some reachable knowledge.

I have my very secret recipe for my own ‘black pudding’ because unfortuntely we never have enough of our big favourite Sierra Nevada-version (where my boyfriend is from) and to be honest, i dont like any of the other types of Morcilla. They are just not working …. heehhheheheehhe. So i opened my imagination – and put all the ingredients – i like – in a ball… for the base some onion, potato, garlic and blood of course (i need to work with cooked blood always – unless if u are about to kill your own pig there is no way to get fresh liquid blood… sorry, blame the LAW)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA… for the seasoning i use bitter cacao powder, ground and flaked almonds, toasted pinenuts, honey, amaretto liqour, chilli or paprika and occasionally some dark chocolate chips can jump in it as well… a good workout with your hand and VOILÁ = your homemade bloody mass has done. If u have machine and pig’s intestine u can just fill them with your mix, cook them in a pot and job has done. I never did this – just rolled my bloody mass in jamon,  cabbage leaves or any natural stuff which works as a clingflim.

This is my magic. I cant see this as a bad things. Its not meat for me – its sacred sangre. See what i have done…

When i make an ‘ad hoc’ dinner i am following the same proccess all the time… get a big handful of the stuff what u like (using your clear mind!!!) and creat a dish.


Yesterday i had a piece of this beautiful boody&black pudding defrosted in the kitchen. I found some good quality goat cheese in the fridge… and we always have a box of arborio rice… simply because i adore eating and making risotto. One of my big favourite. So the meal seems to come together… lets get a couple of twist to make it more interesting… why not smoke our cheese? Its a bit smelly – of course – but done in 10 minutes and absurd easy. Long loooong time ago i have already shown how is the hot smoking working at home… yeah, its here – with a duck breast. Dont be afraid – dead easy and working with fish, meat, cheese and i made even smoked double cream for a very special panna cotta.

What else… herbs? Hm… couple of days ago i organized a little garden in the terrace… and didnt need much time to find the right one. Let me introduce u Mr. Chocolate Mint… nohohooooooooo – unfortunately its not an “After Eight tree” :))) but chocolate goes crazy well with morcilla so i gave a try. Hm… what else? What else goes well with mint? PEAS!!!! I adore green peas – they just give that hint of sweetness to my risotto whats nessecery to balance the spiciness of black pudding and making a good pair with the chocolate. I guess its done.

Cook a georgoues risotto, mix the blood and peas in at the last minute (u can cheat with adding some extra parmezan – which is never enough) and serve with your smoked goat and chopped herbs. Good apetit – with all the respect. Still.


2 responses to “Bloody heaven…”

  1. Cigi-Rizi-Bizi – Naked Pea Avatar

    […] i still love risotto… as i just said in the post before with the bloody rice…  and (unfordtunately) im still smoking… not that much and more food than cigarettes […]

  2. Cigi-Rizi-Bizi | The Cook's Nest Avatar

    […] i still love risotto… as i just said in the post before with the bloody rice…  and (unfordtunately) im still smoking… not that much and more food than cigarettes […]

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