An ordinary day. I was in my job prepaing stuff and doing some service… I had a massive piece of fillet of veal in front of me on the chopping board. I was cleaning and rolling for a later use. In one second i was a bit pissed because the membrane covered all over the meat and i suffered a lot to clean properly… and suddenly happened.

WAIT A SECOND!? ARE U OUT OF YOUR MIND? U HAVE A DEAD BABY COW IN YOUR TABLE, PROBABLY HAD A HORRIBLE LIFE AND SAD END… I can not be angry just because this part of his body developed perfectly…


My knife stopped in my hand (almost dropped like in the movies with a slow effect). My memory-tape was starting to go backwards and i was trying to count all the dead animals i was butchering on the chopping board… however was always just a small piece of meat (altogether can never reach a size of a whole cow)… BUT ALWAYS THE SAME PIECE – which means another animal all the time – unless a little veal can have like 20 fillets in its body… and lets face with the fact – its not really possible. So that was it – was all. And not mentioning the shocking videos flying on the internet about “meat-factories” where poor animals can even move in their tiny cage all of there life and just dreaming about seeing the sun before finishing in a dinner table. I ve just realized the scary true now… we humans definitely went too far… far far… out of the limit.


Obviously i changed my point of view in this topic… but i would lie if i say dont like meat anymore. Because i do. My opinion is that we should not play God, at the end its becoming sooooo easy to see the animal behind the plastic bag.

Well well…. no, i am not going to be vegetarian – but i will choose the meat i eat. Sometimes harder but its never impossible to try having an eco-organic-free range life .

U dont need to change your ‘plastic-fed chicken’ dinner to imagine how many dead animal sitting in each and every supermarket – and how natural is that they “never run out of meat”, there is never a day when we finish what we had and take a break. Believe me, your body doesnt need meat every day, by the way. Of course – its your decision at the end of the story.


Since i feel more respect for the food – dont miss meat at all. Probably my last was the pesto-steak (blog post) and i am absolutely fine. Being amazingly creative with vegetables and looking for ecological markets trying to find some protein with good life behind. And then we can enjoy meat with full respect.

Till that time comes let me tell u something – no meat can race with my creamy & heavenly cauliflower soup which goes well all the time. :) Giving some extra happiness – serve it with dark chocolate&parmezan crisp and silky cheese-butter. Yum yum yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA— no meat needed here —

p.s.: soup dedicated to Marty :)

2 responses to “Meet with the meat…”

  1. Marti Avatar

    Yayy!!! Sounds all yummi! I happen to have a cauliflower in the fridge – what else do I need to make the above mentioned soup??? :)))

    In the meanwhile, I’m experimenting with gluten-free stuff and superfood in the kitchen. Today I baked my first ever (!) brownie, which is gluten-free already and made with coconut oil, ground almond and sorghum flour. Ahh, also sugar-free, sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar!

    And just to update you on my improvement in becoming a domestic goddess, just like you, today’s lunch was a vegetarian pasta dish with loooooooooots of vegetables and home made gluten-free fresh pasta (in wich I used millet- and chickpea flour, potato starch and psyllium husk powder!)

    1. Kat Avatar

      uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupfffffffffffffffffff… i think its really time for u to write a blog post about these… i see u have more invetions then i do! :)

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