With all the respect…

With all the respect… but we do eat meat. This blog post is definitely not suggested to vegetarians – better stop reading now. With all the respect of course.


I believe that my body is talking to me. All the time. Always let me know the needs i have to stay as healthy as possible (in this poisonous world). And yes, sometimes it calls for meat – protein. Not too often, but once or twice in a week usually… so i eat.

I love animals – i think they are much more better than humans in a way. Dont misunderstand me – i love people even if they dont try to live in a balance with the rest of the earth and killing it slowly slowly… but still they give company, love, family. And im not perfect – like the others – even trying my best. Animals still brings so much fun and love in our life that the less they deserve is respect. Respect for keep us alive with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfeather, leather, cotton, eggs, milk, meat…. which cost of their life. Smallest thing is we can do to maintain a nice life for them – i belive that even the meat is gonna taste better if the animal died ‘happily’…

I like meat. I dont like to kill though… which is pertty hard in my situation working as a chef… like one of my older blog post shows here…. sometimes nessesary… still possible to intent to cause death in a very ‘soft’ way.

Now let me share something with u. This is one of the very best dish i developed. Its sooooo gooooood, that even makes the death of the poor cow “worthwhile”… nothing is worse than die for nothing… but this dish being prepaired by me with all the respect its possible… seems not a very bad massacre.

Beautiful steak marinated with homemade pesto sauce, seared quickly then steamed in their own marinate in the oven. Quickly heavenly.


My homemade chunky pesto contains the main ingredientes of the original genovese one: basil, ajo, pine nut, cheese and good quaity of extra virgin olive oil… plus extra rocket, anchovy, more nuts and more cheese… for more intensity. And its working really well, surprisingly well with the beef… first just the marination for a while in the fridge. After u let the meat coming to room temperature, whipe off the pesto and fry the sides of your meat in a really f8ckin hot pan. Your owen is ready already, get a tray with paper and place your meat on it, cover with all your delicious green paste and let it steam under as long as u want – depending how u like your meat done. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes and just…… enjoy.


With all the respect. (and some bread)

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