So…. i was in the gym today as always… i love gym, i love sweating and feel physically tired after… and the best of all is to eat after your workout… just the health.


Today i was doing my stuff – and came into my mind how my body would look like if i stop eating sweets… because i do eat LOT OF SWEETS… just realized now. Usually every day – sometimes i eat more sweets than normal salty food… (breakfast always, lunch sometimes and i regularly have dessert after dinner). I know i keep doing my workout to maintain my shape – not intending to have a perfect body but to have my doughnut if i want anytime. And i decided today – just for curiousness – not to have ‘real sweet’ for a month (obviously doing this now before i go to my sister’s wedding in Hungary where i will make the big cake… :).


It starts from now on – i had my beautiful sugarful last day today – with golden dumplings (twice) and a double choc macaroons…. well… i gave another try after failed this project, like 2 years ago… and i can successfully announced that i failed again…. hehehehe :)

How can i say it… my last dessert project (for now on) is the best disaster i want to ever make – the meringue was perfectly whipped, the same problem i always have is the dry ingredient mix, its just cant be that smooth it should be! Anyway, flavorwise was perfect and the orange choc-ganache gave another kick…Was reading a lot about it, how to make the very best french macaroons: and i made a couple of mistakes. I guess this is gonna push me further to try to make it more and more times till i reach perfection.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the end of the story i will win without doubt and manage to create my new project, the deconstructed hungarian chocolate and cottage-cheese-macaroon (mandulás túró-rudi habcsók)… and u all gonna love it!

But for now on… be prepaired for salty food my friends. And i will be prepaired to have max honey and fruits if my mouth would water too much. Wish me good luck!

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