OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe dont celebrate 14th of February… I dont do – so my boyfriend would look pretty funny celebrating alone… bla bla bla, same story, just because “they” made a day for love each other MUCH MORE than any other normal days…. its all for buying huge bunch of flowers, balloons, champagne, chocolate bonbons all in heart shape of course… i found it a bit disgusting…. but whatever.

Only because i have lots of spare time nowadays – i did create a special dessert for LOVE. Accidentally we are going to enjoy this plate around Valentine’s Day – but more gonna celebrate our day off together (finally after 2 weeks or so) than any stupid “spend-more-money” movement…

Footnote: i still respect people who is acting more romantic at this day… a little red rose doesnt hurt anyone does it? :)


Oh, and i create this because i f8cked up the orders in the Pub and somehow we got 2 kilos of fresh strawberries… No question what else u need next to this little red fruit… CHOCOLATE! And if its dark chocolate…. the finishing touch must be my very favourite rosé CAVA from Barcelona, Raventos i Blanc. (i ve just got my lovely box of 6 beautiful bottles – costs a fortune…)…  and a plate has been made with full of sexy textures and elements of my very pure love…

Main character is the strawberry of course – cant miss a fresh one dipped in creamy darkness… then get some jus de fraise which is the nectar of all the Gods and perfect seasoning for ourbubbling cava…after dry out the rest of the ‘fresa’ and get a crunchy fruity powder u can use to coat the boozy truffles on the side… I made a bit of pink sugar as well just because i could…


Our lovely brownie friend has popped in to say hi – but in a ‘very-cava-jam-version’ with a heart-shaped outfit to make u smile… absolutely gay emotionful deliciousness…. but u definitely gonna lick all of your fingers

(maybe some other parts of the body as well…. but this is seriously marked XXX… :)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

U miss anything? I might do…. a ‘biggggg huggggg’… and turn off the light.


Open up your mouth…!

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