If u ever had an aquarium – u know the effect of the calm ‘wallpaper”… just like a miracle. Working as a meditation…. watching all those little beautiful fish with all those unbelievable colors… like a treasure box…


Do u like fish? I am…. i had aquarium when i was smaller and hated to clean. Over years and years… now i can pay back a bit… if i have a look at the ice-table of my fishmonger… and find another interesting ingredients… the “transparent goby” – the very baby version of it.

Basically a big pile of slimy fish – u hardly can see anything but lots of eyeballs everywhere.. yeah, probably this dish is not suitable for those who has problem seeing heads on the plate… cause there are millions and millions of eyes staring at you…


A very traditional way of prepairing them: like little croquettes. Dont really need to worry about the fish – so tiny, there is nothing to clean. Get your seasoning, salt, pepper and garlic, mix with a bit of breadcrumb and egg. Thats all, now u spoon out your mass in a deep frier till golden. Serve with lemon and/or mayo and parsley.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had an idea to make a garlicky&creamy sauce for spagetti (so u would actually can get confused of the shapes) or mix in risotto in the last minute.

footnote: the fried eyeballs give a funky crunchy texture!!! :)

p.s.: i know, im sick. :)

Open up your mouth…!

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