Sue’s perfect wedding cake 2.


Not much to talk about it, bigger power decided long loooooooong time ago… For my biggest surprise they let my now, that my sister’s wedding dress is going to be white and apple green…. GREEN!!!!!!! WOW! Considering the fact that all in my life the green was the only colour my dear sister never liked (was one of my favourite)…. let me see… if its green, it will be green. And white of course.

Footnote: HeySis! im still waiting for the exact shade of your green!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChapter3: fillings, flavours

In this point i needed to interview my sister of course. I made a little mistake at the beginning – i was thinking as a chef. Well, i shouldnt have. I collected all the “natural white and green flavours” can go easily together like mint, green apple, coco, white choc, vanilla, elderflower, lime etc etc…. but i reach the point when my sister stopped and told me – lets just keep the good old traditional flavours for our more than traditional family members and leave the lime&coconut combo for other times…. hehehehehe…. :)


So the basic flavour of the cupcakes is going to be just simple vanilla (with a big shot of Father’s Secret Szilvapálinka :)) and the filling mainly chocolate (creamy ganache) and forest berries (jam) so every relative can pick up their ‘oldschool’ version. BUT…. i have a little but again… a 3rd type which can be my crazy sh8t (ive got permission from Sue)… A couple of cups are going to sit proudly on the top of the stand with the actual cake… and i have choosen the flavour orange blossom… (my sister’s favourite ‘birthday’ cake was always the orange&cheesecurd). Special – not much – just enough to make people talk about it. Yummmmy…..


Couple of options are possible… So i ve decided to mix them to make better result and just to make things more complicated…. :)

First of all, every little cupcake needs to get a thin layer of white chocolate ganache. Not just gives an extra flavour and texture – main reason is not to let the sponge to dry out. At the end of the story i can not start to make the cake in the wedding day – need to keep as much moist inside as possible for a couple of days ahead.

On the top of the ganache – gonna be 3 different style of decoration but just 2 different toppings, let me explain better. As i mentioned before, the little ones are going to be filled with extra love, most of them with dark chocolate ganache on the stand’s bottom shelf, lovely forest-berries in the middle and on the top will sit a couple of my signiture orange blossom (créme diplomat). Soooo…. basically the ‘BigBrother’ will have the same flavour, style and type of decoration than the orange blossom cupcakes. Thats a different story, they will be covered by fondant as a topping. The others get an unbelievable sweet buttercream crown with sprinkles and pearls in every combination of the color white and green.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(needed to experiment a stiff buttercream which is not going to melt in a hungarian May at room temperature)

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