Well well well… it seems that time has come to celebrate my SisterSue and her boyfriend PeterPan getting together hopefully forever and ever. Such a beautiful thing… and a cool party hopefully!


I was thinking and thinking about the perfect wedding present for them…. and ended up with the only suitable idea – which i never liked – is the money. The only thing they really need all the time. Not to forget the fact that (traditionally) probably every single family member is going to give some silly stuff for “their new home” like toaster, new set of plates or cups, curtains or any other absolutely unnecessary tool what they never gonna use just because they have already chosen what they like… simple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But lets get back to my part. Yeah….money. This is gonna be my present – however its just so impersonal…. unless i draw, paint my really own and special envelope to put in it… hehehehe. Anyway, money is one thing. I need to give something, anything which is coming from my heart to show my feelings to my favourite SisterSue and wishing all the best (and peace :)) in the rest of their life together…. and what else can it be like a very personal Wedding Cake!!!??? OOOOOOOOOOOOOh, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!


Remember the project for my very best friend, Gigi? Oh, that was such a big fun – and long proccess: 1, 2, 3, 4 chapters… unfortunately i couldnt give it to them (considering that they were in New Zealand at that time). This is going to change in this case – of course im gonna be there in the VeryFuckin’BigWeddingParty!!!!! :)

BUT I have a big BUT in this case. It really needs to feed approx. 80 people – so i can not make a tiny little cake just for fun. And i was watching enough pastry shows in the TV to know that it is a really big and hard job – especially for weddings when the cake really needs to be perfect!!!!! I can not disappoint my Sister can i? So my BUT is…. that however i want to, i am not a pastry-cake chef. Not professionally. This was the reason why i have chosen an easier way…. i am planning to make a Cupcake Wedding Cake.


The idea came from the UK, while i was working in the Due South we had a couple of wedding parties there (sooo much fun!) and i remember it was becoming trendy having lots of cupcakes instead of one big tart. And i am talking about many little treasure cakes in cup – well decorated looking pretty posh. Now – this part seems manageable for me without any problems. However – not to avoid the challenge 100%, i decided to make a real wedding cake – a small one just for the couple so we still can keep the good old tradition when the new wife and husband holding the knife together and cut in the cake.


Thats it, plan has been made. I little cake on the top of the stand and 3 layers of cupcakes below. 3 layers with 3 different flavours – to make everyone loves it – CHOCOLATE, BERRIES and ORANGE BLOSSOM. This last one is the limited edition, the surprise flavour as my crazy signiture – just like the cake itself. Happy ever after.

CHAPTER 1: cake base

U have no idea how many recipes i tried (was a big help that we serve ‘muffins’ for breakfast every day in the Pub)… cause my big deal was to make “MUFFINS” or “CUPCAKES”?!? Just to make sure that everybody knows the difference… basically the idea of muffin is more a ‘bit heathy’ fruity bread (or savoury). U get your flour, sugar, egg and oil, mix roughly and its done. That is the reason why this seemed the easier idea… Well, on the other side of the story the cupcake – as the name says – is a tiny real cake in a cup mold. Always sweet like heaven and having icing on the top like a crown of a proud little queen (icing or buttercream or any sort of decoration). Hm hm….. because we are making ‘Sue’s best wedding cake’…. it needs to be a real cake, not a breakfast bread… so i put my vote to the cupcake finally… and was starting to work on the perfect recipe to make my 100 little ones.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinal version made with a good old Father’s Szilvapálinka for an extra scent.

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