OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA couple of days ago i met with a girl who came in the bar for a slice of cake… we talked just a bit but somehow after met for a drink with other friends as well. She is working as a chef in a big yacht (ooooooooh, i was sooooooooooo jealous!!!) and was just about to leave to the Caribbean…

What i want to say, she had an idea, that everyone (its interesting especially in the case of chefs) had a guilty and dirrrrrrrrrrty favourite food – or lets say a dish. Well, hers was a cold ‘yesterday’s pizza while having a hangover. My friends said pretty much the same: greasy hamburger, french fries swimming in mayonnaise or a heavy  mum’s made casserole – cold of course.


And i was just sitting there and sitting and sitting quietly… not that i was trying to think about it – i JUST KNOW that i do not have this type of guilt by now. Did have a lot – no doubt – when i was a fatty and unhealthy little chicken eating chips and drinking (original, no diet!) cola all day, every day.

And even if i would have a tiny temptation for tasting the same sh8t again…. its just never gonna happen. Its like an addiction – and im off now.


Off of this. But having another guilt and i feeling helpless. Is the sweet…. i have days when i seriously dont wanna eat else but ‘sugggga’…

So i created my guilty disgusting dessert plate just now. Only reason: i found my really favourite chocolate in the world. U can ask for brands or company bla bla bla… i just dont know. Weird and naughty.

Im sure u all met with a “pain au chocolat” in your life – or Napolitana as u call in Spain. Its a puff pastry filled with chocolate (like croissant). Well, i am not a big fan of puff pastry – crazy enough for the fact that i like more to make than eat!!!!!


Anyway…. the very best is the middle part…. which is the chocolate as u could guessssssssss by now.

Secretly i am sure that the little choc stick carries the magic somehow – but non of the recipes or histories are telling about any special type… just have a bittersweet or semisweet chocolate. Thats all.

I believe that the actual baking proccess is mainly responsible for the ‘difference’. Just imagine a stick of bitterness with a sweet parfume in a lovely “pastry bed”… now comes the heat – just like sitting next to a fireplace in a cold winter… and the pastry –


like a rich butter-scarf is becoming alive and carefully keep all the moist inside having a steaming room all around the dark chocolate… changing the flavour of course. And that is the “MAGIC”. This is why i want just the nasty dark smuge and leave the rest on the plate.

So i remake it – in my very own way.

Get your freshly baked Napolitanas, cut the top of all and cruelly place them into the bin (COME ON! of course u can eat them or do what i do, keep an always hungry boyfriend!!!! :) using just the bottoms to layer down lots of perfect chocolate and lovely buttery pastry (if u are lucky they still raw a bit).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime to make ‘the prince’ of a sticky frog – lets plate up. Because our little ‘instant cake’ seems pretty rich, first i wanted to serve with salted caramel to give the missing touch of saltiness and sweetness – dont forget we are using bitter choc. The end of the fairy tale i… changed my mind and used ‘Marmite‘ as salt and real caramel decoration for suggga’ and crunch. Was working pretty good.

Finally a proper dessert plate what YOU can do easily – just run to the shop and buy a bag of ‘Pain au Chocolat‘ :)))) hehehehe. Nasty and dirrrrty guilt in a posh look.

Last but never the least i dedicate this tempting dessert to my VERY VERY FAVOURITE SISTER, SUE who is having her (already not counted) BIRTHDAY today!!! Wish u a happy birthday Sister Sue – hope u enjoy it with a proper night, food, drink, movie, sex and sleep. Cause i know u deserve it well!

Millió tsóóóóóók xxx


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