I lost it. I feel i lost my “coolblogcreativity” because no ideas coming in the last couple of days… We are now just before X-mas… and what can i say… this December is not gonna be my favourite month for sure. So much sh8t happened with us nowadays that i dont wanna do else but jump to the next year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy biggest break that i practically lost my job for the next couple of months. Well, officially im working (like one day a week) and they saying the festive period gonna be full of work… i just dont belive it anymore. I cant blame the bosses – they made the right decision with cutting the hours but the timing just not right. They should have done this 2 months ago, not a week before Christmas. Cut the story short, i have plenty time now to play a perfect X-mas housewife and baking 24/7… just dont feel i want to… (especially if i wanna cut our costs at home).

So in the middle of my big ‘sadness’ was reading a magazine about the last 10 years spanish cuisine…. – as a footnote i have to mention that my boyfriend didnt really help with my brainstorming when he announced that does not want “any Christmas food” … so the time i could have spent with planning a nice 3 course dinner for us has just cancelled… (how can u be creative with a plate of cheese manchego and jamon serrano?????)

Anyway… so was reading this magazine and found a nice dish worth to try… with a couple of small modifications to suit for a posh X-mas plate….


First of all let me introduce u the “turrón” itself which is basically an almond bar made with honey, sugar and egg whites – pretty much like an italian meringue. Lots of different versions available but there are two main type of it: the hard and the soft. I just adore the soft version of it – imagine to bite in a big piece of soft and sweet “almond sponge” with the silkiness of olive oil, crunchiness of almond pieces and deep tone of honey…. As u could see before with my Aranygaluska project its great to built in other dessert, its melting and caramelizing perefctly.

Now im gonna get some ajoblanco with foie gras and turn to a deconstructed savory turrón…

First u get your “white cold garlic gazpacho” done. Main ingredients is dry bread (i used croissant) and ground almonds what u get together with water and season with sherry vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper. Blixing all this together and emulsify with high quality olive oil. Now get your pan and bring the ‘ajoblanco’ to boil, add the agar-agar and keep mixing in the next couple of minutes on the heat.

After cleaning your foie gras u just need to panfry really really quickly. Wait till your (little) oil is smoking in the pan and give color to the liver. Dont overcook them – its really important in a case like this really expensive liver – u want the roasted umami flavour outside but keep the ‘bloody paté juiciness’ inside. Otherwise lost the magic and becoming an average dry plain chicken liver (and we dont want that!!!)…


Lets put the dish together: on the bottom goes a sheet of wafer (ostya). Place the pieces of foie gras and finally pour the almond gazpacho in the mold. Put in the fridge to rest – the agar is gonna do the work and set pretty quick. Voilá – the hardest job is done!

I served my savoury turrón with cured egg yolk and a dressing of sherry vinegar & juice of the foie gras (saved from the frying).


Buon apetit!

Open up your mouth…!

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