I am really really sorry guys…. i know – having no excuse not to posting anything since looooooooooooooooong time….


But my boss was in his holiday for almost 2 weeks – so i needed to work all day every day from morning till closing…. although i made lots of beautiful tarts and cakes, tonns of gingerbread and other X-mas stuff in the Pub…. at the end i was hardly moving my ‘little ass’ at all… still pretty tired but was thinkin’ to show u my “homework” which – having not enough time at job – took home to finish… my little X-mas bonbons….

Of course, u can make (millions and millions) different types of it – thats why i share their ‘recipes’ pretty ruffly….

Cut the story short – they made this kind of sweet at the 17th century in France – thats the reason for the french name which means “good”. So “goodgood”. :) At old times referred small candies enrobbed in chocolate – nowadays probably u can call every ‘one bit size’ sweet to bonbon. And incredibly easy to make them….



And its working perfectly like petit fours as well. Handy. :)

The easiest is to make chocolate ganache (can be really special with a shot of Triple Sec or Malibu) and shape them as u wish after set in the fridge. Final step is rolling in bitter cacao powder or icing sugar – if u like contrast. Or basically anything. And thats all, u got the easiest (cheapest) and coolest “home-made” present to all of your friends and family. For this u just need the same amount of good quality dark chocolate (around 60-70%) and double cream melt together and leave to chill. If u fancy add liquor, nuts, dried fruits or sprinkle with seasalt….  Beautiful.

Another bonbon is coming from long loooooooooooong time ago from my childhood…. its the little dark brown ball which usually covered with coconut shaving (in my picture got just a couple of elegant chocolate lines). The simpliest thing ever really what my MUM used to make all the time because all the kids went crazy for it! The ingredients pretty much just: ground biscuits, melted butter, icing sugar, bitter cacao powder, dark rum (i use a good amount) and espresso coffee. If u fancy add dry coconut. Mix well to get a shapeable dough (its gonna go harder a bit cause of the butter if u put back in the fridge) and now u can go crazy to roll your balls…. :)


Oki oki…. the really cutest for X-mas is the little tiny snowball without doubt. I am sure u all love Raffaello… right? I can give u this anytime for hardly any money. Just melt some butter with sugar, mix well while adding some dry coconut shaving, dry milk powder and vanilla. And after… NOTHING! Can seem to be too liquidy – put in the fridge and wait with patience. Get your spoon and some whole almonds what u can hide in the middle of your little bonbons. This baby should have a light coconut coat.

One time i needed an emergency solution – i could not get dry milk powder from anywhere… so i substituted with waffle crunch… at the end the result was soooo good so i needed to place little frozen nutella balls in the center and i introduced myself to my homemade Ferrero Rocher…. genius!


My third little ball in the picture – the real breakfast bonbon. A little mixture the two above – i guess…. The middle is a white chocolate ganache (but with condensed milk not double cream) and lots of crunchy fried almond chunks. After it sets in the fridge can spoon out and make little balls. They are already look appetizing – i did push them in some smashed cornflakes to add more “crunchyness” if its possible…. And yes. Was working.

My list can be continue forever i guess… the filling can be different, spongy, fruity, chocolaty… different little balls for different occasions – i could use some food coloring, glitter or glue for X-mas – if i would find a shop here which sell any!!! hehehehe :P

Be creative and good luck! (Me) personally would be really happy to get a present like this for “Secret Santa” :P hahahahahahaha


Open up your mouth…!

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