Healthy as fuck!

Everybody deserves healthy, organic, wholesome food! A nice bowl of salad, made only from the freshest ingredients is a great way to indulge your belly – because you are really what you eat, right? Why would you eat disgusting junkfood full of artificial materials, or ready-made crap from the pot, when making a nutritious green salad is just as simple and easy? The difference speaks for itself!

All you need is just a few green bits and bobs – veg, salad, and stuff like this -, and to boost up your protein intake, some virtually fatless turkey breast and some feta cheese! There’s no secret ingredients, everything is available in every supermarket!

A bag, full of life!

Just chop and slice all the ingredients, like lettuce, cucumber, feta, grapefruit, tomatoes, etc.

Fresh, flavoursome ingredients!

Dump everything in a big bowl. Add a squeeze of lemon and drizzle it with some extra virgin olive oil!

If you want dressing, why not add some yoghurt…? You sure have a pot in the fridge!

Let your lovely salad rest while you’re dealing with the turkey. Dice the meat in the way and size you like:

Chicken can also substitute turkey, the difference is insignificant

Heat a spoonful of super healthy olive oil in a pan and chuck the turkey in it! It won’t take long for the meat to get soft and juicy!

Pan fry turkey quickly and easily!

Add honey, mustard, salt and pepper to your taste – at this stage, only your imagination is the limit!

Less salt needed when using organic, yayy!
So close to nature!

When the turkey is ready, chuck it on top of your salad, and nothing else left – just enjoy!

Is it not fantastic, how dearly Mother Nature nurtures us? <3

The best thing in this light and healthy salad is that it only takes 2-2,5 hours to digest! Really a superfood, isn’t it?

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  1. Kat Avatar

    heehheee………….. beteg állat vagy! :) imááááááááááádom

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