I want to introduce u to one of my really really good friend. I made it already a couple of times – so this is def. not a “one night stuff”. Even if u are not the bravest taster ever U NEED TO TRUST ME NOW and TRY THIS. Well worth it.



footnote: sorry, but u shouldnt continue reading this if u hate cheese and/or white chocolate and/or coffee (and dont even willing to try them)


Basically i am talking about a blue cheesy chocolate mousse. But its not an average one belive me…  :)

Of course i have a tiny little story in the background and it goes back to my sweet Brighton times. We have been living close to a really special french cheese shop (La cave fromage) and i DO F8CKIN’ ADORE CHEESE especially with a glass of georgeous red vine… Oh such a good times with my lovelies trying different cheese boards, charcuterie, nice home-baked breads, funny little cheesy macaroons while were swimming in tasty (occasionally sparkling) vine… missing these days…


Anyway, so i found my really favourite cheese in that little shop in a rainy afternoon looking for something pretty special… and i fall in love with an english Blue Stilton… a really exceptional one – injected with sweet Port vine…. Better not to try describing the flavour… its impossibile. Really strong, deep, spicy, salty and sweet in the same time… just heavenly.

So when my boyriend went back to UK for his holiday – the only thing was i asking for is a piece of this cheese… After he said: people was looking at him sooo badly in the airport so he wasnt sure if they smell the cheese or he was the one who smelled more (after a week party :))) but finally i did get my little treasure!!!


Decided to show u a beautiful flavor developing using this magical Stilton and good quality white chocolate, from their marriage u will get something indescribable on your plate. U can add another dimension to this with a help of some great coffee which goes perfect with bluecheese and white choc as well (u also need this cause the mousse is far too strong and heavy alone in a big plate – why i would suggest to use as a tiny ‘petit fours’… enough.

So i made a little mille feuille (from home made chocolate puff pastry which is always much more better than a shop-bought and NO, its not that much pain in the ass … hehehe) with the love of espresso and blue cheese mousse. Supporting from the background some white chocolate ganache, coffee powder and a little coffee bean-surprise (biscuit powder soaked in Tia Maria and covered with bitter chocolate) – lovely touch.


Just take it easy and enjoy these flavours melting together in your tounge… ohhh, and with this I wish very happy birthday for THE COOK’S NEST in the second birthday….

AND THANK TO ALL OF U GUYS ONE MORE TIME TO FOLLOW my weak and/or/sometimes strong ideas… cause its not working without U… :)

2 responses to “Sweet cheesy life…”

  1. FromageHomage Avatar

    Wow, that sounds amazing – which English stilton is it that you love?!

    1. Kat Avatar

      Well… to be honest dont know any particular name, but its somewhere from East Sussex (in Brighton they said its “local” from somewhere there….) and it is amazing! :P thank u

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