Unbelievable… i look totally different now to my nuts after peeling them by hand….


Walking in any supermarket and pick up a bag of roasted almonds or any nuts without their f8ckin’ hard shell… seems the easiest thing in the world. But…

U dont know how much work it needs till u dont need to break them one by one… oki oki, in my case i had a help – my Dog was really keen on to chew and make everything wet – it still took around one hour. I ve got a bag of mixed walnuts and hazelnuts from Granada (thank u to Alfie’s Mummy) and another bag of almonds (what Marty and Robi stole when they were discovering the nature around Soller) – and i felt its just the time to use it – cant wait to waste them so break them!


I do adore all kind of nuts – surprisingly they seem to be pretty healthy (containing lots of unsaturated fats, good source of vitamins, fiber and protein). They best in raw form but u can easily make butter of them (mash to püréé) and using as a healthier substitute of fat. In one word: GOOD.

One thing is better (actually two) than plain nuts: NUTS & CHOCOLATE. If u wanna go higher…. my answer is PEANUT BUTTER… :) oooooooooooooooh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….

So this is a healthy tart – or how should i say…. as good it is, can not be healthier… just impossible. But we dont want that anyway.


(dont have any egg, flour, sugar or butter… can i see a smile on that cheeky face? :) good….)

So the base: instead of the good old’s’cool smashed digestive biscuits with butter i have something much more better… some bran&oat&cacao mix sticked together with honey and almond  butter.

Next step is your sexy Peanut Butter spread on the top of the crunchy base and sprinkle with all your nuts u have in hand (i used my mix of almonds,hazelnuts and walnuts). U can leave them whole or crack into bigger or smaller pieces – just press them a bit in your soggy peanut stuffing so our amazing chocolate cover gonna look perfect (chocolate&almond butter&water)… And we are ready now… If u fancy any decoration( i was just f8ckin’ around with a bit of melted white chocolate), go for it. However i think just slice it and it talks enough… :D


Open up your mouth…!

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