Thanks for the idea to Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy recipes i was checking recently. I really liked the idea of the bean-blondie so was playing with the idea a little bit. Weird but good.

So the trick is? Vanilla & Peanut & Chickpea combo. OH MY GOD… absolute winner. I am not really keen on (too much) counting calories but i do care about healthiness and this is just as the most yummiest sweet as the healthiest… and why?


Ok, so this is how it looks like: U can bake it if u want (using baking powder and baking soda) for more cookieness or leave it raw as i did for a real fudge-bar. It might look a bit like those boring diet muesli slices but dont act like fool….. :D its not even close.

So i tell U the recipe what i used but feel absolute free to use your favourite stuff or whatever u have in your cupboards (i always wanted to make rice-chocolate cause thats one of my best childhood’s memory with my uncle :))

  • around 300g drained chickpeas (i guess it must be million times better if u cook your own with milk and love – i just didnt want to waste half a day)
  • around 150g honey (or more, or sugar or whatever… :)
  • around 100g bran (or oat, or ground nuts…)
  • around 175g peanut butter (or almond butter or …)
  • seasalt, vanilla
  • (baking powder and/or baking soda if u want to bake)


Thats for the mix now, if u have a blender just push the button – or like me make your hands dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty …. :D

Push in a tray and leave to set a bit in the fridge while the white chocolate is melting (careful if u dont do with bain marie cause burns so easily). Pour and Sprinkle.

Soooooooooooooo Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Maybe a little work – it took me maybe half hour) but definetaly much more better to your body then any other stuff from the supermarket. And u gonna get the same smile on your face, believe me!!! :D

Open up your mouth…!

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