Very typical sweet from Santa Fé (Granada, Spain)… and it got the name from Pope Pio IX.

Cut the story short: Alvaro was visiting his family in Granada last week and he saw a box of Pionono in the airport thinkin’ of me… i think it was just one summer ago when i tried this sweet first time. I guess i wouldnt been interested so much without hearing the magic words: “sweet soaked in booze”… well, i knew i need to try, so we bought a tiny little box of 6 pieces in it in the very traditional and unique Pionono factory in Santa Fé. I was expecting a lot i know – i did like it however i could not find any alcoholic flavour. Was a tiny piece of sponge soaked in sugarsyrup having a burned cream on the top. Nice nice – but one is more than enough. That was it as i remembered.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo i ve got a new box of six this time again – and was happy but a tiny bit disappointed. Was really nothing else just a sugarbomb without any particular flavour. I need to fix this sad experience.

Surfing a couple of minutes on the Internet finding some pictures of the making proccess… while i realized that the base is nothing else but a “kindof” traditional hungarian sponge rolled and sliced into really small portions so u can eat for one or max two bites. I didnt even needed any recipe just jumped in the middle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaking the simple sponge is easy just following the same ration always (same sugar&flour&egg) beating it a bit to be airy than fold carefully and bake in a temperate heat till its golden. The secret of rolling the sponge always: that u have to be quick and roll (with the baking sheet together) when its still hot otherwise gonna break. Roll, cover with a cloth and leave it to cool a bit so u can work really clean after. In this case u actually dont need to spread cream or anything on the top (see, u can easy make any nice sweet roll dessert using your fantasy) just get rid of the paper, roll in the pastry and soak a bit in your favourite liqour or syrup. My choice was a brandy&amaretto mix.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the top? I was thinking the original pionono must have a custard crown what they burn and caramelize with a special machine. I changed in mine making a creme patissiere and blowtorched it to finish. Well…. i do think its better than the original one. :)

Dont believe it? Call me and we discuss it.

Definitely sexy. Really sexy. Yummmmm…

Open up your mouth…!

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