And yesssssssssssssssss… another breakfast story. Sorry guys but i can’t help myself – i ve just started the gym again finally thanks all the Saints… and i need to change a couple of my habits… like the big ball of ‘hamster food’ (how my boyfriend’s call it) muesli almost every morning. Its not going to be easy mainly because i love the whole scenario with every little details for a couple of years now… make a nice strong coffee with a tiny bit of cold milk then get my breakfast glass ball and fill up with all the nice yummy stuff i can reach in the cupboards: muesli, cornflakes, cookies, muffins, nuts, fruits, choc chip etc etc topped  with yoghurt and/or milk… and i do deserve the next half hour eating my ‘wake-up-bomb’ slowly in the most enjoyable way checkin’ the Internet sitting in the middle of the kitchen in my little chair but biggest  PEACE.


Well yeah… it does sound really good… and my plan is to change this “big ball of LOVE” for some more practical “breakfast bar” which can be easy to take away when we are in rush to work, or perfect if we want to start the day with some sweat and workout.

I am making a “Magic Morning Protein Bar” forcing as much love as possible inside but keep it absolute healthy. I was collecting all the necessary ingredients to give your ‘mooorning push’ and helps to grow your muscles much easier by the way.

So the basic stuff is the whey protein powder – u should not be afraid of it – its an absolut natural protein isolated from whey (cheese-making proccess). Its not just a perfect source of amino acid but as some research shows, reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer , diabetes etc etc… so just make it clear, here we are not talking about any kind of drugs to make u double sized. Well, its a really good dietary supplement but because it has got an effect on muscle growing u need to be careful and doing enough exercise not to let u turn into a big fatty pillow :))))


Next really important participant is the almond – u can use any kind of nuts of course – its high in protein, fibre and Vitamin-E, good for the heart, skin, digestive system and loaded with unsaturated fats.

The oatmeal is another winner of this game, help promote weight loss and lower the risk of heart disease. Because its full of soluble fiber – protects  your arteries by trapping and expelling cholesterol and filled with stress-fighting zinc.

I can not forget about the best legal drug on the market, the dark chocolate has got a role play here. The chocolate can help reducing blood pressure and lower cholesterol level. Its not just tasty as melting in the mounth but has got a positive effect about anticancer and the best brain stimulator ever. U can easily go “high” with it considering a couple of compounds such as Caffeine, Cannabionids or Phenylethylamine (love drug)… what else u can wish for a great workout???


We need any kind of sticking ‘agent’: healthy  nut-fat which can be any u fancy, peanut butter, almond butter… the nuts are pretty high in fat, so u just need to make a paste out if it and voilá, u can get sesame seed, pistachio or pumpkin butter…. makes your bars f8ckin’ beautifully rich.

Depending how long u want to keep your bars: u can easily use fruits as well or vegetables (some beetroot or carrot püréé can paint pretty cool :) Depending on U really…


This things are just perfect for your body, health and muscles but obviously u can put anything, i repeat, ANYTHING inside. I can get all the stuff which i was using for my ‘breakfast ball’ and toss together the cookies, cornflakes, mueslis etc etc… Here i used a lot of different nuts and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, cashew, almond, walnut…) mixed with the vanilla flavoured protein powder, ground almonds, puffed rice, muesli (with dried fruits), oat and bran. Sticked them together with peanut butter, honey and almond milk – with a pinch of salt and baking soda (freshly crazy fizzy). Let it set a bit in the fridge on a tray while i was tempering some seriously dark chocolate and cover the top.

Easy to make even for a “bald puffed up muscle guy”.

Good luck, better morning, best workout!!!

Open up your mouth…!

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