Eggspectation :)

Normally i am always having a couple of cool things on… just like now as well. And when an idea came… booom, just put it together.

Like this pretty heavy breakfast, an absolutely deconstructed Salmon Eggs BenedictOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have three main elements on the plate… instead of proper english muffins i made an absolutely amazing creation. Because i love bread sooo much – and i can die for a nice sourdough: i made a georgeous sour-yoghurt pancake… first was a little bit worried that the flavour is gonna be too strong, but just right. Used a poolish starter of yoghurt (was feeding for a week already) mix with the normal pancake stuff, egg, flour, milk etc etc…was just deliciously sour, juicy pancake-bread.

On the top of this put the home cured salmon – made with sugar, salt, orange zest and Sambuca, resting ideally for a day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally on the very top of this sit an old friend, my sugar cured yolk (u could meet him when i was making the ‘Welcome to egg’s world’ project) . In this case i used brown sugar with some orange juice and extra Sambuca to cure the yolks for 24 hours. U do make your own ‘hollandaise’ sauce if u cut in and the flowing heaven being mixed with your drops of vinegar and fine olive oil what u did used as a “garnish” before.

So conclusion? I am amazing…. :) hehehe- was kidding. But as simple it is, u should make your own ‘kindofeggsbenedict’ :)

Open up your mouth…!

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