OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was always hunting for the wild mushrooms – they are just so amazing and always keep secrets. Their flavour is never the same, never ever.

Here in Palma finding a special mushroom seemed impossible considering the weather (9 months total dry) but accidentally i made it. Its a fact that they transport from the mainland – so its not 100% local – but still not a tasteless glasshouse shiitake… So as i said, i was purchasing fish for a BBQ (spending a fortune with my Márti wife) when i saw this beauty… and i couldnt say no. Bought a big bag of it – even if i need to eat this for all next week, i dont mind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo my creation was a plate with this chanterelle, asparagus, jamon iberico and some italian almond biscotti… What can i say… The mushroom taste like pure forest working perfectly with the earthiness
of the asparagus. The saltiness of the jamon comes out amazingly with the sweet and nutty crunchy biscotti. The dressing is a lightly seasoned butter under the chanterelles with thyme, pepper and lemon zest with juice. No other comment needed. This was an absolut spot on dish. Made me happy.

Open up your mouth…!

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