OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell well well… what can i say? I didnt find liquid blood… i found brain instead. Unfortunately just pork not veal – but the difference is not that big anyway… so lets see…

The result of my research is lemon and frying. Goes beautifully with the flavor of lemon and normally fry your sexy brain-pancakes… In Hungary u can see using as a paté, spread it on a toasted bread. Perfect for a night with lots of drinks, bit more risky for those whos having a diet – big massive protein explosion. Because we are not having weight-problems – i had a crazy – simple idea.

One of the most popular tapas here is the croquettes… can find with cheese, fish, ham or everything… and here the base is not potato püréé but bechamel sauce – thats how it stays soooo soft and creamy inside after frying (and crunchy outside)… so why not make some brain croquettes??? I think i never really tried brain anyway… its just time.

Thinking ahead a little bit: made two sauces going with it. One is a rich homemade lemon&parsley olive-oil mayonnaise, the other is a tuna sauce making crazy with a big bunch of dill (unbelievably good pairing).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter made the bechamel and let it cool down in the fridge – needs to be that solid that u be able to handle while u fold it in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs (in this case i used croissant crumb just for an extra posh) :)))

Deepfry and voilá… enjoy!

The flavor surprisingly nice, not too much. Goes well with the sauces – didnt needed a real flavoring for the bechamel cause both of the sauces are strong, needed just a little amount (the mayo is citrusy while the tuna sauce is salty with the kick of anise dill).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I had just one major problem: that actually i used brain and was silly enought to tell…. the people afraid of such a thing… they would eat this happily till they know what is it and create a picture of a bloody human brain in their own brain….

So my own naughty footnote: never ever tell the ingredients of your dish. Just the end of the meal if your friends deserve the truth. Hehehehehe…..


2 responses to ““Brainstorming…””

  1. Marti Avatar

    Kat dear, i think, this is the crazyest idea of yours ever! :D

    1. Kat Avatar

      i know even u would like it – without knowing what are u eating of course :)))))

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