Let me introduce u our big favorit what we picked up working at the pan-asian YUM YUM NINJA… the mistic kimchi.

The most beautiful fermented spicy ‘shit’ what u can ever try – nothing but a flavorbomb. Has got everything to season: hell lots of garlic, chilli, ginger, saltinessOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (soy sauce, fish sauce), sweetness  (fruit and/or juice), vegetables like cabbage, onion, carrot … u can add anything what u fancy, just need a couple of weeks to marinate together… and has got the perfect spoonful of umami.

Was so easy to buy or make this stuff in England, asian shops were in every corner… here the situation a bit different. Let me say, pretty hard to find a good asian store, if u could manage: f8ckin’ expensive… For that reason i modify the ingredients a little bit, i made a funky mediterranean version of kimchi with more flavor and less asian shit.

Our first dish what we created together with my boyfriend was the kimchi squid. Both of us a big fun of (especially baby) squid, i know im crazy but i do love prep this disgusting creature – cleaning and cutting lines  than squares continuously all way thru its body made me sooooo relaxed… after we accidentally invented this korean tapas started to make it after every service around 2am at home…

So i am going to deconstruct this hardcore asian dish to a little bit milder mediterranean plate started with my OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfusion kimchi (with tomato and lots of fruits) marinating and i am going to use the same kimchi ingredients but in a different way, leave them raw to get some crunchy texture. Hardest part probably to prep the calamari – i make tagliatelle out of its body… so i need to clean, roll really tight and freeze it down. After with help of a slicer machine working really quick u get your sexy squid pasta :))) – footnote: need to work super quick not touching the little white bodies with your hand, defrosting unbelievably fast.

Being ready with all the prep just heat up a pan smoking hot with a tiny oil. This animal keeps shit lots of water in its body, so if u want to panfry not to steam in there own juice need a big hot surface with not too much squid in it. When u see the tagliatelle getting sexy curly – add your kimchi with a bit of its own juice. Couple of minutes, sauce evaporate a bit and ready to serve. Hope enjoy my fusion. We did a lot.


Open up your mouth…!

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