Welcome to Egg’s world

Reason for this? Mr. Inaki Aizpitarte (french-basque chef) who deconstructed the Tocino de cielo dessert. I love the background of this really traditional sweet: tocino means bacon, and there is a story for the kids, that the piggies go to heaven when they die, and cielo means sky… so tocino de cielo… is a heavenly bacon. From the spanish city Jerez de la Frontera.

The key factor was my intension to try the marinated egg yolks what Inaki used before. The idea is brilliant – i can kill for this creamy rich “sunny side up”, always.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I did wanted to keep the original Tocino pudding so i could build around a deconstructed one as well and let the egg get the leader role on the plate.

The flavors i played with: lemon, levander, almond and some caramel of course (there is no tocino without burned sugar hahaha… :))

I had two big questionmark in this project…

The first is…. i was really struggling to cook the tocino. It should work the same like any steamed pudding in a water bath – not for me though… I cooked it 3 times cause was never set properly (my emergency plan was to go to the supermarket and buy one… such a cheat…).  Even the tempreture was ok in the middle still could not take out from the mold when it cooled down… finally i could manage to use one, which was ok more or less… excuse me for this… promise i will practise more :)


Mixing the yolks like crazy when u add slowly slowly the sugarsyrup – to cook the eggs but dont split – when it cools down a bit add the ground almonds, lemon zest and juice, vanilla and butter (i used almond cream) and keep mixing. Buttered tray with crumb, mix in and bake at 130 for 1 or 1,5 hour – officially should work…. heh…. next time.

The second question was the yolk, i mean the result… i made a nice levander infused sugarsyrup to ‘poach’ the eggs in… and if i would have a little luck, i could have used my blow torch to make a thin caramel layer on the top of the yolk… ideally (my blowtorch still sleeping in the rainy England…). sorry for it – however at the end it was not necessary at all. The egg created a ‘thin thicker’ surface which helped the handling much more, was not so delicate… but the flavor… while inside kept the naturel rich and creamy saltiness – outside created a layer soaked with the sweet levander syrup. Just heavenly… celestial…


And for a bit of garnish to dress up the plate? Obviously the caramel layer… some almond crumb and fresh green almonds for the texture… a couple of lemon and levander meringues to melt in your mouth… and finishing with fresh levander flowers and seasalt crystals. Voilá.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Flavors working beautifully together – and i definitely gonna use this marinated egg – technic with other stuff as well….

Yumm. :)


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