My chOcOlate Spell…

This is partly a stolen idea – if i want to be cruel.

If not, ive just got some inspriration from a “local” chef (local in a way that he is british and/but working here) Marc Fosh. I was applying to his restaurant as well – never gonna know what did he miss not calling me back…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So the inspiration came from 2 places.. One is the plate of this chef with a choco mousse (less interesting), the other is coming from my new friends connected to a sea-salt market… – later luckily will post a blog about this amazing salt production… :) which is here in the island just an hour away… so little patience.

Ok, so a love chocolate – any time and any where. I am big fun of experimenting with different textures of ganache to see what ratio results perfection… So while im usually using ganache to make my own truffles or to fill & cover a cake, this time i wanted a much more spreadable cream – like a mousse but not f8cking around with sugar syrup and sabayon and etc etc… and another big thing just jumped in the picture now…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My other point was using the natural flavor-combinations to creat a dessert which taste less sweet and more earthy. Finding some beautiful local product (pure olive oil, the olives itself and some amazing red peppers) had been a big help…

Lets see how it goes…

The brownie base not going to surprise anyone… its just so useful everywhere with its rich flavor, perfect texture and handsome looking – so i did used as a base. The other main chocolate caracter is the mousseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhich is a really light ganache adding a good amount of extra olive oil. Because its more liquid than solid needs minimum overnight to set. And after needs refrigerating all the time.

And the garnish… actually can have the lead role on the plate. From deep down got a feeling to try the black-olive-cacao combo… so i made a “kindofsweet” tapenade. What can i say? I am a genius :))) hehehe, and my favourite part is when the brown sugar acting crunchy under your teeth.

The red lover? Hm… another treasure. Grilled pepper coulis with berries and elderflower. Spot on.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(my only footnote is: on the plate the two sauces are next to each other, the tapenade needs a bit more sugar for the total harmony with the fruity coulis)

Oh, and for the very perfect finish – i used a special salt (i mentioned above), black olives infused Flor de Sal. I think i am really happy with my chOcOlate Spell.

Dedicate this dish to Oliver & Moeko.


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