My new love is connected to a really old childhood memory…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let me introduce Mr. Watermelon (“görögdinnye“)…. or sandia how we call this here in Spain… i prefer this cause it sounds more a bit like Sangria – and we all love this sweet nectar in the summer…. :)

So ive seen this ‘fuit’ (its a vegetable by the way) appearing in the market nowadays and imagine the juicyness… reminded my old times when we were children and ate this huge round ball after lunch in the garden under the tree, helping our thirtstiness… and after peeing all afternoon :) heh….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI still love it when its icing cold for refreshing, sweet but not limp… Oh, u know what i mean…

Nowadays i was thinking why we never had anything with it… one reason is that doesnt need anything – of course. But never had any dessert with it like other fruits. Obvious that contains more water than anything (90-95%) but still… it taste beautiful and looks georgeous…

Had a look around on the Internet and i found tonnes and tonnes of cocktail, sorbet, salsa, salad, pickles recipes… and because i bought a ‘big baby’ needed alternatives to use it up without being boring…

First let me intoduce my summer salad – the flavor combination just talks for itself. Main ingredient was the sandia of course followed by some oily black olives and salty mature parmezan cheese.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nice fresh dressing with mint and lime compained by a few drops of silky olive oil… just hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. good…… perfect for a hot summer night.

My other idea is a bit more crazy…. but why not? Everyone knows how much i love sweets and chocolate… well, more than fruits for sure… however i did make a crazy plate today…

Normally when i come home after school at the afternoon i need a coffee – still tired or just the shock from the grammar of spanish… and usually i have a bit of muffin or biscuit to keep me alive till dinner (thats my lunch). YES, BUT TODAY WAS HOT. BOILING HOT. Didnt want to boil up a coffee but needed some sugar-energy…. so got a big chunk of watermelon, some nice pure cacao powder, couple of mint leaves and a splash of olive oil… perfect light refreshing dessert i could have. And i probably will have more often from now on. Be brave and try – just be careful to get a ‘real sweet’ one, otherwise its just water with not enough chocolate… (the texture is still awesome!)

If u would have more access to a proper kitchen with all the equipments in it please go mental and try really cool things like this compressed dish or this pervert melon panna cotta… not mention some sexy bavaroise..

So many things we still need to try… :) dont hesitate GUYS! xxx

Open up your mouth…!

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