Welcome Everyone to my little culinary tour at Hungary…

I was thinking to write a massive chapter about hungarian food reaching all the small details… but i changed my mind. No need for this. If u want to check it out more precisely, u can open an Old Big Horváth Ilona Cooking book or click here.

I really wanted to share my “home sweet home” feeling with my boyfriend (ive already visited ‘his Spain’ a couple of times and i did put my nose in every yummy specialities), so we decided to take a quick week holiday to my country, my town (i was a really annoying tourist put my camera into everything… hehehe)

However i would like to show everything from there: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Not just because i have like 100 pictures, but u are not interested that much anyway… but if u ever plan to visit Hungary… lets just take a look at my list.

I suggest u not to miss these…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst and most important “hungover killer” is the LÁNGOS.

U can find it in every proper market in the country. It is basically a deep fried flat bread made with yeast (savoury flat doughnut). Most popular topping is salt, sour cream and grated cheese – but there are stuffed versions as well (ham, chorizo, ragu etc) and the biggest surprise for me was the ‘SWEET’ one… Second of all… the meat. The SAUSAGE. THE SAUSAGE.

My little town Békéscsaba actually has a kind of world famous spicy sausage which is really close to the spanish chorizo.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAU can try a couple of versions like smoked, dry, sweet or spicy, for roast… really traditional way to eat with mustard, white bread and a pickled spicy cabbage-stuffed ‘apple pepper’… (with a big pint of beer of course). Fancy to make, check this out. Most important is (next to the piggy pork meat): the proper hungarian ‘PAPRIKA’ which gives beautiful smokey flavor and amazing bloody-red color.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABACON… But this is not really the english type – depends, but usually much more fat than meat: perfect for flavoring or cracklings.Massive amount of different cuts and versions like salted and cooked, salted and smoked, cooked and smoked, cooked and rolled in paprika, salted and roasted, just salted, salted and steamed etc etc… and there is a really retro traditional feast we kids grew up with: the “BACON BARBEQUE” – i show u the magical garden party later :)



And no. This has nothing to do with the Gulyás. The pörkölt is a rich meat stew usually made of red meat (beef, goat, lamb…) seasoned with paprika, wine, lecsó (hungarian ratatouille), lots of onions… The word “pörkölt” means a method. If i would try to translate… mixture of frying and roasting in a pan, like when u sweat onions for example… U do this first with any kind of fat, add the meat (medium size of cubes), lecsó and leave it. All the water gonna come out of meat – u just add a bit of red wine to lift your wonderful sauce up. Thats it for a couple of hours. U flavour with the paprika just at the end, otherwise can burn really easily. Can do a pot on your stove – but the stew is much more better if u make it in your garden on fire with a special huge pot called “bogrács“. Oh by the way, u can not cook this for 2. You will ended up eating this for a month. (this is a special type of food – as many times u warm up, as the flavor getting better and better…)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd lets talk a little bit of our ‘world famous GULYÁS’… which is actually a soup (there is a much more thick version as well,  add extra smoked meat and/or beans etc etc…). The real gulyas is nothing else but onion, meat (traditionally beef), couple of root vegetables, water, salt and paprika. The dumpling is up to u (egg, flour, water and salt). By the way, my boyfriend’s favourite is definitely this. Try.

Last but not least lets see what a nice traditional restaurant can offer… above i was describing a real home made food…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArriving at the table… the bread basket comes with nice home made pot of lard seasoned with bacon, parsley, garlic…


Starting with a beautiful cold foie gras with red onions and spicy long green pepper. Melting like a dream. No need comment. Fortunately or unfortunately Hungary is the biggest “forced feed – goose liver” producer in Europe, which makes us lucky to have something really luxury like this – but the price does not suit to a citizen’s wallet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother really traditional dish converted to fine dining standards… Chicken with paprika sauce (csirkepaprikás). Somehow the meaty flavor works excellent with the vegetables and the paprika – finishing the sauce with our adored sour cOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAream. Usually served with galuska dumpling. The cheap version of this dish when u substitute the meat with potato cubes. Hm…. childhood’s memory.

Other main course option should be the Stuffed Pepper (töltött paprikás). Usually  u get a ‘stranger shaped pepper’ and stuff it with all your love, like rice, mince meat, onions etc etc and cooked them in a flavorful tomato sauce. Of cource, u can not miss the paprika as well – again.

OMG….. so many things i could mentioned…. but these are the basic pillars of the traditional hungarian cuisine. Really rich, really heavy but real heaven. Please try it – with consideration :))))))

Open up your mouth…!

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