OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank u to my crazy boyfriend, who gave me a remake-idea about another really old ‘spanish’ recipe just like he did with the ‘GACHAS’ or ‘TORRIJAS’ a couple of months ago… this is called ‘LECHE FRITA’ (fried milk)…

If i seriously start to think about it – become so clear… dont even understand how come it never came into my mind… U just make a solid milk with a nice crumb and fry it till golden. yummmmmy….

The grandma’s old recipe makes a quite traditional custard thicken with cornflour. As i can say: a really thick creme patisserie using a lot of flour… which fact makes my brain working, cause i dont like too much flour, it goes too heavy for me and we need to consider, we are going to fry this stuff after all… so i chose something else… another favorite of mine: almonds…. hmmmm…. i love ground almonds, whole fresh almonds, toasted OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAalmond flakes, almond milk, almond liquor…. everything… im gonna use to lift up my fried milk dish…. :) and just to make it more irresistible… can not miss some dark deep chocolate as well…

Okey… first step: i made a ganache. Nice smooth texture with proper dark couverture chocolate and a sprinkle of Maldon seasalt. Adding some beautiful coffee liquor makes it lighter and more flexible with an extra deep dimension of flavor. Need some time to wait till it sets just perfectly to make any shape u want.

Second step was: i made the creme patissiere. I did use a bit of cornflour of course and add some more ground almonds to give flavor and thickness. Cook thru the custrard with double dose of vanilla in it, push thru a sieve to get rid of all the lumps and leave to set in a container or mold. The tricky part is to get a nice consistency after frying: melting middle with a crunchy cover. Perfection.

I really wanted to try something, so i made an icecream. Toasted almond icecream. Infused my base with all  the beauty i could find in the kitchen, let it work overnight and bummmm…. churn the day next. No comment. Just serving with a toasted almond-flake coat.

Footnote: my boyfriend’s version goes with a simple glass of milk and u are just dipping the crunchy ‘milk nuggets’ in it!!! :P




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