OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere we go, my crazy and naughty dessert based on apple, ‘doughnut’, smoked bacon, sour cream, vanilla and whisky…

(Sorry for the weak quality of the pictures, but i have 2 important reasons…

1st of all, my wife (Marty) left me here alone and she has the talent in the family… :) 2nd of all, i was such in a hurry cause the plate looked soooo yummmmy, i needed to stuff myself with it!)

Ok, at the beggining… as i mentioned before, i ve got this idea from a salad in the Momofuku book – thanks soooo much! I belive i invented the perfect breakfast ever.

Starting with the doughnut i can tell u a secret. Everyone loves doughnut and everyone loves pancake as well… the difference is smaller than u can imagine – nothing else but our old friend, Mr. Yeast. And to be honest doesnt really give different flavour, just helps to reach a texture. THATS ALL. So i made a beautiful creamy pancake batter instead of f8ckin’ around for hours and hours for doughnut dough. (I love to make them, but its not the time…:))

The harder part my favourite – the bacon sugar… Well, with this u do need to think ahead for a couple of days at least…

Get a nice quality smoked bacon (yes, we do like organic, we do want to belive that the piggy had a nice life!) and marinate in a sugar & black vinegar OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmixture for a night long (as long as better!!!) than fry or grill it till’ its going to be lovely and crunchy. Chuck into a mixer and make a powder adding sugar continuesly. This is important because u can taste all the time and can stop when u think is sweet but still feels the bacon. Voilá!!!

In the mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeanwhile u can whipp your sour cream – if its fatty enough and good quality its gonna work in the same way like a double cream. The middle of the proccess add the flavourings: vanilla, sugar and whisky… finish the whipping till u get a nice soft peak consistency. (OMG – this was just sooooooooo gooooooood)

U have one more piggy-thing, the smoked bacon syrup just as the last touch in your plate… U can use the same type of marinated bacon then before – cut it into tiny little pieces and cook it or grill it till really crunchy. When its doneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, get another deeper pan with maple syrup and glucose in it – chuck the bacons in it and let it “simmer” really slowly for an hour (careful, we dont want caramel!). At the end it should be lovely thick like honey. U can use it straight away – but if u vac-pac now and leave it for overnight: the bacon will infuse the syrup so much, the salty&sweety&smokey flavour will be unbelievable…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oh, and i almost forget the main ‘actor’, the apple itself… hihihi. But this is really the easiest and fastest part. Try to find some sweet apples (this is a hard job!!!), peel them, score out the seeds and ready to go to the ‘batter bath’. If your mix wouldnt stick to the skin of the fruit – no worries, dip them in flour and give a go! When u fry it, the batter should be golden when its ready. If you want your slices thicker – u can cook them a bit before fry. However, i like it so much when i feel the apple a bit raw in the middle, it gives a nice crunch… Buon Apetit!



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