Let me make something clear.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I DO HATE VALENTINE’S DAY. Dont really have a reason, but dont think i need. Simply just dont have reason to like it and respect as a festive. I would like to love all year around, one day should not be that special.

But special in the kitchen! One more occasion for brainstorming.

Playing with few ideas in my head – than asking management which could be the biggest seller?. It really matters in a restaurant… The official winner is…

Spicy Chocolate Creme Brulee with Red Velvet fondant-souffle, dehidrated macerated raspberries and szechuan meringues…

(sold out all in a few hours: “best dessert i ever had…”)

The non-official winner is (how we gonna “celebrate” Valentines day in the bed having breakfast with Alfie)…

Fresh Churros with Deep Dark Chocolate Dip and Coffee Martini…


Happy (Stupid) Valentines Day to Everyone Kids!!! :)))


Open up your mouth…!

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