Long story short. An experiment again. I made it once – long time ago at Due South – accidentally… i want to try again with all of my attention now. Fingers cross… :)


1st stage:

Make your stock syrup (3:2:1 ratio), get your buttermilk and some extra milk and a good big handful of ‘fresh’ (i mean frozen) kaffir lime leaves.

No exact measurements, more about the flavour: get your half liter of buttermilk and half liter of milk (if u have homemade buttermilk, u just use a liter of it – that one is not that thick) with the leaves and add approximately a liter of stock syrup (it is possible, that your syrup is sweeter, so just add slowly and try always). Start to warm up your liquid (a thermomix is really handy in this case) on a really slow heat, try not to boil it up just warming it for 20-25 minutes. U will see that your mix has curdled. Pour it in a container and leave to rest for a week.

2nd stage:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADiscard your used kaffir lime leaves and strain the whole stuff thru a muslin – u can even keep your curd in your muslin bag. Make sure there us no way to escape from the bag so u can press it down with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsomething heavy – leave space for the liquid to run away. The point is to ‘dry out’ your curd. Leave it for another week with the pressure on the top.

3rd stage:

Check your ‘cottage cheese’ if its dry enough – depends what do u want to do with it later. Its up to u from now. Ready, :)

I used all the liquid after the heating process – made a beautiful sorbet just as it way. Perfect texture, easy to scoop and hard to melt, absolutely refreshing.

My dessert finally an oat-panna cotta, lime crunch, kaffir lime curd and sorbet… enjoy Kids!


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