One year. Since one year we are working on this little blog-project.

Congratulation Marty, i think we did really good job and the rest is still in front of us, not behind. Ideas are coming&going, wish to have more time to share every crazy/weird/bizarr things developing in my/our mind.

Couldn’t really find better stuff to celebrate this lovely anniversary but the mystic ‘haribo rum jelly’. So go ahead and be mad. Recipe? Doesn’ t exist….

First of all: thanx Samuel Lambert, who was the acient father of this baby. Now we are all just following the traditions. “God bless”

Lets see the huge list of ingredients, dont be scared:

  • gummy bear
  • rum (or any other alternative cheap alcohol)

The easiest way if u just get your Thermomixer, chuck all the ingredients in and turn it into heating function, lets say 70degrees and 5 minutes. And ‘voila’, after just get a container, pour it in and leave in the freezer to set for lets say 1hour or max 2.


In the case if u are not that lucky to have a 1000pound kitchen equipment, Mr. Thermomixer in your household i can give u another solution making this magic. U just need to be careful only with one thing – dont let the thing boil, otherwise u boil up the alcohol and it looses the ‘happiness’!!!!! Thats why i am using waterbath in this case.

bottleGet your pan with water, boil it up, put your other bowl on the top of it with the gummy bears and liquid and let it melt together stirring continuesly. There is no proper ratio. Depends how strong stuff u want. As much rum u add, as strong its gonna be. I would say, starts first with the balance of 1:1, and after can modify as u wish.

Tipp for lazies: get an empty bottle, squeeze in as much haribo as u can and fill up with the rum – but u need to wait for a few weeks to ‘marinade’.

Crazy things is gonna happen inside, u will see!

Consume with moderation – ENJOY!!!!!!!!! :)

gummy rum

One response to “Funny Gummy Anniversary…”

  1. Szu Avatar

    Nagyon kreativ, de vajon honnan volt gumi-maci nyomo formad? Puszi, Szu

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