Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt4

Chapter 5: We are almost there…

How far we can go? From now, we should have two amazing layer of `sponge` and two beautiful creamy fillings. It can be already too much – but we do need to make the final part. To make it perfect.

First of all, i thought all the flavors are really lovely, but maybe a bit too much altogether. So its time for a refreshing action. A twist, which is gonna turn up side down this cake… a fruity curd… the best ever… lets just take out the passion fruit puree from the fridge! :)

Probably this is `THE FRUIT`, which is makes your mouth watering `a la minute`. Not too sweet but not to sour and perfect match to every single layer and flavor in the cake (chocolate, vanilla, almond, coffee…). And to make a curd: its sooo simple. Basically u just add more body to your puree. Mix your puree with the sugar well, bloom your gelatine. Add the eggs to the mix and blend together then pour in a pan and start to heat slowly slowly. It is going to get thicker, need to whisk all the time. When the mix thick enough, add your butter and a pinch of salt with your gelatin and blend it till its super-smooth. Thats it. U can pour in a container and leave to set in your fridge, i put in a piping bag and make a thin layer of curd at the top of each sponge. Voila! The miracle happened – u can not even realize, what is in there, but so nice and fresh next to a huge amount of sweetness… I did go a bit more far with the craziness, i sprinkle some layers with a bit of citric acid – just make it a bit sharp – not too much, just for the right balance.

Chapter 6: Finish with decoration…

To be honest… in a case of a wedding cake… whats inside… not really important… the main challenge is outside. The decoration. How could u make it individual… I had so many different ideas…. but i decided finally ` a la minute` on the table ready to shoot…

Wanted to make a bit romantic, but clean, not too much, not too pink and sparkling… just like my Gigi.

First of all i made an almond-milk crumb to stick on the side with chocolate to `hide` the not perfect layers (to be honest, they were perfect… ). Then the top. The caramel looked really amazing with its dark amber color and u could see the flake almonds under… but i decided to cover with chocolate. Just playing a bit of melted dark and white chocolate. My hand was shaking – final steps…

Started to play with my old friend – enemy, Mr. Caramel… and i found a different way to reach different structure of sugar work… The middle of the top got the normal result – the angel hair made by crisss-crossing the spoon with caramel on and then just make a ball of it. The rest was made in my new way… cool down a big ball of oil in the freezer and just let the caramel run in – moving your hand meanwhile. One second and u can take out your curly sugar-statue carefully, let the oil drop down and VOILA! :) After i just got my favorite flower (is on at the moment thanks God!), some beauty Elderflower and just made a few truffles around it…

Done. Can not believe it. And actually it tastes nice as well. I hope everyone has got just as good imagination than me – so reading this can feel the flavors in the mouth…

Well, i wish u a very very very happy life together Gigi and Gabor!!! Hope i will have a chance in the future to make this `cake` for u… not just let your mouth watering watching the screen… Hope u like it. I can promise, i put all of my love in it.

I can make u sure – all of my friends who killed your `wedding cake` appreciated sooooo much…. and wishes all the best…

Love u! xxx

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