Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt2

Chapter 2: The first layer

Soooo… we have the base, the best basic base ever, the crunchiest brownie with gluey chocolate flood in the middle. And whats next?

The second flavor, what u can not miss of any dessert nowadays, is the vanilla… and im not talking about the suck essence what u can buy for a few penny – no no no…

And my second favourite pudding is the cheesecake…. why the hell not? Transfer it into a layer at the top of the brownie… hmmmmm – im already wet. :D But… the cheesecake is just a cheesecake… where is my twist? However, there are so many different types exist – just the plain full fat cheese mixed with sugar, vanilla and zest of the lemon, or there is the one with the eggs inside – u need to bake it… to be honest, the very best is the baked one, with that u can get the original `New York cheesecake` feeling – but its not good choice for my cake… i tried to bake the brownie and the filling together – its not working. U can play with the time – too much hassle. But no f*ckin worries… because i have a gorgeous deconstructed cheesecake recipe… and my twist is gonna be the `curd`.

I use a lots of curd with the cream cheese and sour cream – so u can get a really nice balance – cause the sweet and sour go together all the time…. :) and u can even play with this baby, cause of that little gelatin it will be gummy but just to hold the shape, not in the real texture. Beautiful contrast with the crunchy dark brownie base – what else can is say? We are on the right pass…. :)

Chapter 3: Another sponge?

Yes yes of course… but need something funky. In the middle of the cake always has to be something absolutely unexpected… and i just remember that Gigi does not like really sweet that much… so lets get some cool fresh flavor out of my mind!!!

Open up your mouth…!

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