Just another laid-back morning(?), with a hint of heavy drilling from Mrs Nextdoor’s side.

Champion`s breakfast….

The Spanish are good to make everything easy… sometimes soooo easy, it drives me crazy. I think not just because most of the time they have no money to do posh things, but they like the `kind of lazy` style… this `breakfast` – we had for afternoon tea :))) – the best example – however it was just tooooo easy, i really needed to make a twist, otherwise…

After my quite funky churros experiments i though to go a bit further and i found the sweet, called torrijas.

U can have a big laugh – it is nothing else but thick slice of bread soaked in milk or wine ( muy muy interesante :))) and dipped in egg – finally fried in oil. After they season with cinnamon or honey or whatever. The easiest thing ever.

I just had a look on the internet and i`m sure, u realize that u have something like this in your little national cuisine-repertoire, because this stuff exist everywhere but with small modifications.

The most common name is `french toast` – in this case they soak the bread in egg and|or milk then fry – the list of the toppings as long as the DNA chain… could be sweet with sugar, honey, peanut butter, fruits, jam, maple or golden syrup, molasses, cream, icecream, nuts etc… or savory with Marmite, baked beans, ham, cheese, ketchup, salami, gravy etc… whatever your little mind can imagine.

…only sugar, carbohydrate and saturated fat… mmm, yummi!

In Chine u can find as well, they stick 2 slices of bread together, dip in a mix of soy sauce and egg, deep-fry, serve with a slab of butter and honey on the top.

The indian version mostly savory: the milk mixed with eggs, green chilli and onions – and they fry the bread in ghee (clear butter).

In Bulgaria they making a proper batter of yoghurt, egg and flour for the bread, fry in sunflower oil  and serve with preserved fruits.

German version is filled with plum jam or vanilla sauce, season with cinnamon sugar – but they prefer the one soaked in wine not milk :) called the `drunk virgin` :P

In Greece they fry the dipped bread in olive oil and serve with salty feta cheese and honey combo.

In Hungary we call it bundaskenyer (furry bread) and usually it goes with proper hungarian kolbasz (chorizo) and paprika, tomato for breakfast.

In Italy they using mozzarella for stuffing, they stick the 2slices together between the cheese, dip and fry, serve with tomato sauce and a hint of parsley – just because of the national flag… such a gay… :)

In Portugal they having in Christmas time mostly (lots of leftover bread) preparing the same way than in Spain but serving with a special syrup made of sugar, water, cinnamon, lemon zest and lots of Madeira wine.

And so on and so on…

So my friend was talking a lot about this (of course his mother is the best to do this :) and i`ve asked him to do it for me. I know, the recipe and the method is so easy, but i though there should be a special secret hidden between the lines what makes it special… so i was waiting. He made it for his housemates. I was waiting, He made it for his friends. I was waiting. He made it in his job to his colleagues. I did not wait longer. I made it in my special way and we had a wonderful kcal20000000 afternoon tea with Marty.

I made a spicy milk with love (sugar, vanilla, cinnamon), soaked the wholemeal bread (i know i know, why not 100% white???:), get some chocolate ganache what i made earlier, put a thin line in one of the corners, roll up the bread, dip in the egg mix and fry. Finish with cinnamon-sugar coat. Millions of calories, but the chocolate is melting out when u cut in… really nice. And to be honest… it was like 4pound? :) Even in my `twist way` with the chocolate and the `new` not leftover bread. And still so many possibilities in it… so many things we can soak in it (juices, cocktails…) things to dip in and fry in(or bake or steam???)

Let the doors open…  but go to the gym for a good workout. I did. :)

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