Wine comes in different qualities, colour and packaging, depending on the grape and the care added by people who produce it.

Wine becomes better as years go by. Age makes it mature and more valueable.

Amongst all the wines there are some really famous ones.

Wine can give you joy and pleasure – and can push you all the way down. Wine can make you feel close to the highest and the worst ever, too. Good wine will never give you a headache, though.

From time to time your taste for wine will change – once you prefer young, fresh and crispy ones, other times you would vote for the aged and full-bodied ones. For certain occasions this or that would go better.

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Presentation does matter.

So does quantity. From some of them you only need a sip to knock you out and others – well, you can never have enough…

You better be careful with very sweet wines, they are really special.

Some of them are sparkling!

It takes ages to find The One Wine that suits you the best – years and years of experience needed.

Also, different people’s experience about a wine can be very different, so don’t judge a wine after someone else’s judgement. Avoid prejudice, give a go to each and every one yourself.

Wines from different regions and countries are different.

You can drink as many different wine a night as you want – but you have to face the consequences.

You think you know a certain wine inside-out – you don’t taste it for a while and when you have a sip the next time you’ll find it’s changed, oh-your-god! it tastes completely different from what you remembered!

Every wine has its price. Some is cheap and available in every off-licence shop – for others your whole life’s wages won’t be enough.

Don’t waste the outstanding ones! Respect them, be moderate and save them for special occasions!

All the above mentioned refer to human beings, too.

In contrast to them wine is clear and transparent.

Wine will never consume you.

Wine never asks you if you liked it or not.


Last but not least, wine will never tell you off for what you have done under it’s influence.


Open up your mouth…!

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