Marzipan Christmas Candy

Wishing Everyone a wonderful weekend!

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Marzipan Christmas Candy

Kat was a bit down with these marzipan coated christmas pudding candies, so I decided to cheer her up – I hope it’s working! :winks:

Lighting setup was very basic: a lightbox as background and another one closely camera left (as you can see in the balls), kitchen foil covered cardboard boxes from the right as shiny silver reflectors :)) Camera thetered to make sure I’m doing my best – focus etc. I always up focus when in manual, seeing through the viewfinder is tricky if you wear glasses like me… :S

18-55 mm kit lens, aperture priority mode f/4.5, 1/100s, 27mm (pretty random focus lenght…). White balance adjusted in PS Raw Converter, light white vignetting

Also, I tried another light setup: camera-left lightbox switched off, background lightbox on minimum power, ceiling lights on (spot bulbs), christmas lights under the white satin, and the trick was the manually fired flashgun from above, slightly from the right. Working in Av mode again at f5.0 gave me 0.6s to fire the flashgun to fill the shadows :) I pretty like the pinkish hue of the picture:

Open up your mouth…!

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