Tokaji Aszu Panna Cotta w/ Blue Cheese and White Chocolate Ganache

Looks like we will not become homeless, thanks to Nana Jill, who’s moving to Paris for a while and renting out her beautiful and cozy home in Kemptown.

Apart from being very happy about the new home, we are in a deep shit: moving in the middle of the Christmas Season while working like a dog… well, if we can manage it, we are more than superwomen :))

(restaurant + working) × Xmas = ?&*!!

Getting our heart prepared for that, we pampered our tastebuds with some royal sweets:

Tokaji Aszú is simply the best dessert wine on planet Earth, and it’s produced in our little country Hungary, in Tokaj region. Without getting involved in the winemakers’ secrets, here’s a link to Tokaji Aszu.


So. I had this dream about a Tokaji Aszu panna cotta with blue cheese, and voilá, Kat made it come true…!

The starting point is a simple vanilla panna cotta. Kat votes for the runny version, with not too much gelatine in it, so it’s not a very gluey stuff. The wine is added in a jelly form on the top of the dessert – or rather, in the bottom of the mold, but you can put it in the panna cotta in the middle as well, up to you. When the Aszu jelly set in the molds, the cooked vanilla cream is poured slowly and gently in it, making sure that it doesn’t destroy the jelly. Back in fridge, let it set again.

Blue cheese came in the frame as a white choc ganache. You can say whatever you want, this is a very interesting and mindblowing flavour combo which will make your mouth explode!

For a different, crunchier texture to the dish, Kat made some hazelnut biscotti, and for decoration she created a rather weird stuff: milk skin.

Bring some milk to boil in a shallow teflon pan and let it form the skin on the top, it takes several minutes. When the skin is “thick” enough, just simply peel it off from the top of the milk, and you can make the next one.

Milk skin looks like caul fat!

What can we say about this dessert? It’s ROYAL!Tokaji Aszu Panna Cotta w/ Blue Cheese and White Chocolate Ganache

First comes the light, creamy vanilla from the panna cotta, then the Tokaji Aszu attack. You have a few seconds to enjoy it, before the blue cheese will flood your mouth, together with hazelnut from the biscotti. One by one the different flavours step into scene, creating a hardly describeable taste experience! This is one of the worth-to-remember dishes Kat has made, really an outstanding one!

Give it a go!  :))

Open up your mouth…!

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