I can think of one and other things to share on the occasion of our recent duck dinner and I don’t even know where to start, so I’m going to randomly pick the subject, if that’s ok. My thoughts recently are a bit messy anyway, I think my brain needs a break.

The other day I made some research in consommé, but I didn’t mention, that it was a part of the Ducktales. Kat brought a boxful of rubbish to home – and by rubbish I mean chicken head, neck, heart, gizzard, ball, wings and claws – all the things that are thrown away in a proper british kitchen when preparing chicken.  (Don’t get confused with duck and chicken, both of them were used.)

Well, in our little country it’s totally normal to eat these things.

the composition is not intentionally pervert:
the Cosmo-looking drink in the backround
of a dead chicken is purely accidental

Chicken soup is part of the traditional hungarian Sunday lunch. I remember my granddad, god bless him,  he used to hammer the cooked chicken head on the edge of the dining table with his very own, massive big all-purpose knife and suck the tiny brain out in one big slurp. Grandma still loves to spend long-long minutes on munching the claws, taking the thin bones out of her mouth one by one. When me and my cousins were kids, we shared the rest: the others had the heart, the ball and the gizzard while I was only willing to eat the liver, rarely the neck.

Back to the present, Kat made a lovely chicken consommé to accompany the meal. Apart from that, some extra chicken liver were turned into a lovely ravioli filling – the liver was flavoured with Rooh Afza (rose syrup, available in most indian stores).

Btw, ravioli. Do not try to fake it with lasagne sheets, it won’t work! ;))

Also, it turned out that I am not completely useless in the kitchen, I made quite pretty raviolis! :proud:

coffee was not only used to add extra flavour to the smoked duck breast
but also to boost up the polenta cake

When everything was ready, Kat composed the final product: Smoked breast of Duck with coffee polenta, rose and liver ravioli and golden consommé:

Don’t know why, but I was not 100% satisfied with the first composition. Poor Kat, she had to plate the dish in a completely different way, so now you can decide which one you prefer from the two above. :))

I think it goes without saying that when we are actually eating, the food doesn’t look as great as on the hero plate. On that day some leftover ravioli filling was served in a big plastic container, the chicken from the stock in a big bowl, and all the rest was a little cold, BUT! Everything was sooooo superdelicious, nothing, nothing left at all!!!

Wine of the day is Mr Faustino V, on sale in Asda! Bargain price, hurry up! :))

Open up your mouth…!

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