Coffee smoked duck breast

Smoking meat (or anything else) is not rocket science and doesn’t require any special equipment like a smoke house. An average housewife can do it easily, let’s take Kat as an example.

Ok, it was a bad joke to refer Kat as an average housewife, but the rest of the story is true.

What she used is just a totally normal stove, a Tefal pan, a handful of jasmine rice, a metal grille and a lid to cover the pan and keep the smoke inside. You could use some fancy, pre-flavoured wood chips instead of the rice (like these), but as I just mentioned, this is a very average household… Coffee beans, cardamom and star anise were used to add flavour to the duck breast today.

The method is dead easy: just shovel all the dry stuff in the pan and use a metal grid or other d.i.y. thing to hold the meat above. Cover the pan with the lid (make sure it fits properly!) and set the hob on full gas. Open wide all the windows and doors, evacuate everyone from the kitchen and put your gasmask on – try to survive the next 5-10 minutes, it’s worth it!

By the way, the duck breast was seasoned with the usual SPL (Salt, Pepper and Love), again, nothing posh. The result is a mouthwatering, beautifully smoked golden piece of meat, full of taste and aromas! and some massive black ricecoal burnt into the pan

Coffee smoked duck breast

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